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Making Your Mind Up

Echange 'Making Your Mind Up' par 'Jill Mansell' - livres d'occasion sur PocheTroc.fr

Auteur : 
Broché : 436 pages (300 g)
Editeur : 

Headline Review

Edition : 
31 juillet 2006
Langue : 
Catégorie : 

2 points
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Making Your Mind Up, Jill Mansell
Présentation de l'éditeur
Lottie Carlyle isn't looking for love when she meets her new boss, Tyler Klein. Living in a beautiful cottage with her two adorable - sometimes - kids in an idyllic village in the Cotswolds, on good terms with her ex-husband and with friends all around, she's happy enough with her lot. But Tyler's perfect for Lottie and quickly she falls for him - and he for her. Unfortunately, there's a problem. For reasons that are totally unfair, Lottie's children HATE Tyler. When a rival for Lottie's affections comes on the scene in the shape of charmer Seb, the children adore him, and he's certainly a distraction. But he's not Tyler - and he's not even at all what he seems. Lottie's got a problem - but thanks, in classic Jill Mansell style, to a tobogganing accident and a delicious series of mix-ups, all will be revealed and true love will find a way.
Commentaire de C.T.V.L. (Pochetroqueuse - ) - 3 novembre 2010
Note: 4 sur 5
Pure Fluff but enjoyable
The thing I like about Mansell's book is the happy endings. And I love her characters. Lottie and Freddie are my favorites in this one. Lottie is divorced with 2 kids and she is "making her mind up" between her new boss, Tyler who her kids don't like and Seb, who her kids adore. There are sub plots in the book that keep it interesting like Freddie and his search for old friends and Cressida and her discovery of a new love. Freddie is the poster child for how to handle bad news. I adored his character. These books are fluff, but I really do enjoy them. The English setting is very intriguing.
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