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The Man of My Dreams

Echange 'The Man of My Dreams' par 'Curtis Sittenfeld' - livres d'occasion sur PocheTroc.fr

Auteur : 
Livre d'occasion en anglais : 403 pages (200 g)
Editeur : 


Edition : 
3 août 2007
Langue : 
Catégorie : 

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The Man of My Dreams, Curtis Sittenfeld
Hannah Gavener is fourteen in the summer of 1991. In the magazines she reads, celebrities plan elaborate weddings; in Hannah's own life, her parents' marriage is crumbling. And somewhere in between these two extremes-just maybe-lie the answers to love's most bewildering questions. But over the next decade and a half, as she moves from Philadelphia to Boston to Albuquerque, Hannah finds that the questions become more rather than less confusing: At what point can you no longer blame your adult failures on your messed-up childhood
Commentaire de Artémis (Pochetroqueuse - ) - 16 mai 2012
Note: 4 sur 5
The Man of My Dreams has received mostly positive reviews with the New York Daily News saying, "What lovely work Sittenfeld makes of this story about a woman no one necessarily wants to identify with, but we all do: Hannah is both as smart and dumb as they come. Like many of us on a bad day. Or a good one, for that matter."
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