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The Texas Ranger

Echange 'The Texas Ranger' par 'Diana Palmer' - livres d'occasion sur PocheTroc.fr

Auteur : 
Poche : 377 pages (90 g)
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The Texas Ranger, Diana Palmer
A bizarre misunderstanding between the hero and heroine fuels the tension in this otherwise unremarkable romantic suspense novel. Texas Ranger Marc Brannon and Josette Langley, a junior investigator for the DA's office, share a checkered history. As a teenager, Josette was assaulted by a local politician's son and then made out to be a liar in court; Marc even helped testify against her. Years later, Marc and Josette began an affair that ended abruptly when Marc discovered that Josette's hymen was too thick for penetration. At the time, Marc branded Josette a tease because she was willing to sleep with him but unable to complete the act, and he walked out on her, claiming that she was never "woman enough" for him. Now Marc and Josette are paired to investigate a murder that may be connected to the Mob. While the mystery plot unfolds predictably, the two try to sort out their past grievances. Palmer's fans are drawn to her macho cowboy heroes, but Marc's off-putting jokes about Josette needing "minor surgery" and his demands that she get therapy so that she'll stop being "sexless" are aggravating. Despite the steamy sex scenes that warm up the pages once the two eventually do connect, this is a passable romance that may please Palmer's current fans but won't convert new ones.
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