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Water Bound

Echange 'Water Bound' par 'Christine Feehan' - livres d'occasion sur PocheTroc.fr

Auteur : 
Poche : 480 pages (227 g)
Editeur : 

Jove Books

Langue : 
Catégorie : 

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Water Bound, Christine Feehan
The last thing Lev Prakenskii remembered was being lost in the swirling currents of the ocean and getting sucked deeper into the nothingness of a freezing black eddy off the coastal town of Sea Heaven. Just as quickly, just as miraculously, he was saved - pulled ashore by a beautiful stranger. but Lev has no memory of who he is - or why he seems to possess the violents instincts of a trainer killer. All he knows is that he fears for his life, and for the life of his unexpexted savior.
Her name is Rikki, a sea-urchin diver in Sea Heaven: She has always felt an affinity for the ocean, and for the seductive pull of tides: And now she feels drawn in the same way to the enigmatic man she rescued: But soon they will be bound by something even stronger, and their tantalizing secrets will engulf them both in a whirpool of dizzying passion and inescapable danger.
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